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Playing the Game

The Spanish Main is a free web based Massive Multiplayer Online Game based on being a Pirate!

Arrg maties... if yur look'n ta seek your fortune on the high seas with a pistol and cutlass then ye be in the right place!

This game is completely browser based, you do not need to download or install anything. Just login, and start playing.

How to Play
In the world of The Spanish Main there are four basic locations... your plantation, your ship, the port, and the sea. The object of the game is to become the richest Pirate King in the Caribbean by any means necessary. Run your plantation, develope shipping routes, attack other ships, or plunder other pirates buried treasure. It's all up to you.

At the begining of the game you'll pick a home port where you can set up a base of operations to provide supplies for your seafaring ventures. You can set men to work on a plantation producing food, and cotton for sails. You can also put men to work in the forest harvesting wood to upgrade your ship. Any supplies you gather and produce can be used or sold on the at the local wharf or port. Certain crops like limes (to prevent scurvy), and sugar cane (to make rum) can only be produced in certain locations so you many need to set up plantations on more than one island. Be sure you leave some swabs and veterans to gaurd your workers and your plantation.

Your ship is your home away from home. You'll begin the game with a longboat and will need to use your wit to accumulate enough wealth to buy a bigger ship or upgrade your own. You can add lumber and sail to increase the size, as well as increase your cargo capacity to allow you to carry more cannon and treasure. Not all ships sail at the same speed as others. Some smaller ships may be quicker but they can't carry as much armament or cargo. Ship speed also depends on the condition of your ship and how much cargo you have loaded. As the game goes on you may want to increase your strength by joining up with other pirates.

Ports are where you can 'recruit' crew, and buy every thing you need to restock, repair, and upgrage your ship. Make sure you buy enough supplies to keep your men happy while at sea, otherwise ya might find yourself marooned and have to find a way back home on your own. Once you have purchased supplies, you can load them onto your ship by going to the Ship page. All ship upgrades must be done while in port, but minor repairs can be done with supplies stored in the hold of your ship.

When you have recruited enough men to sail and supplied your ship, set sail and venture out to sea. Once at sea you will be able to attack other ships; sail to other ports to trade your cargo; find a good location to bury some of your treasure; or search for someone elses buried treasure. The coordinates to your buried treasure might come in handy if you ever need to buy your way out of trouble. Keep in mind that the more crew you have on your ship the stronger your defences are, but you will use more supplies while sailing and fighting.

Your ranking within the game will be based on the amount of cash on hand, the number of workers, the units of land, and the value of your ship. Because money stored as buried treasure is not on your person it will not count toward your networth.

At the begining of each round players start out with a set number of turns (9500) and money (£1,000,000). Turns are added at a rate of TURNS_PER_10MINUTE every 10 minutes and need to be used before they build up to the maximum level (9000). Turns are used throught the game for things like producing crops, manufacturing goods, recruiting men, upgrading your ship, attacking other ships, and find/bury treasure.
Each game, or round, lasts for 10 days.

At the end of each round prizes will be awarded to free and supporting players (players who buy turns or subscriptions) for 1st through 15th places. Prizes will be issued in additional turns to be used in the next round. Supporter prises will be larger. Once we have enough supporters to cover operating costs, we will add cash prizes.

You can purchase additional turns and in game money, via Paypal, that will be credited to your account immediately. Donations are also welcomed to help us support this game and make it bigger and better.

So, login and have fun!